Diamond Candle + Repurposing

I ordered a Diamond Candle a while ago and I wanted to tell you about my experience as well as how I repurposed it with the help of a friend’s tips! (If you’re interested in purchasing from Diamond Candles, let me know and I’ll shoot you an email with my referral link!)


The scent I ordered was called Watermelon Wedge.

IMG_9106If you’re not familiar with Diamond Candles, each candle has a ring inside! And (I guess this is a new thing) each candle has a code on/in it that you enter online to see if you’ve won another ring!



It took me a few days and a few hours each day of burning this candle to get to the ring. If you look at the photo above, you’ll see a circular gold sticker. This is the marker for where the ring is inside the candle. The ring was wrapped up in gold foil. Once I saw it and it looked like it was free from the hardened candle wax, I blew out the flame and picked out the goodie with a set of tweezers.

I wrapped up the foiled package in paper towels to get rid of the wax. Once I removed the foil, I found a ring in a zipped baggie. I opened the baggie and this was the ring I found:


How gorgeous! The sad thing is, the ring is too big for me to wear. 😦 So upsetting! Normally I have the opposite problem; I never usually fit into rings because they’re too small!


I wear a size 7 and I think the one I got was a size 8. It doesn’t sit comfortably on my finger (any of them; it doesn’t even fit my thumb!) so I wear it as a necklace now.

But either way, I was happy with this purchase because the cancel smelled great and the ring was super gorgeous. If I wanted to, I could just resize the thing. Btw, every time I burned this candle, I thought of Blake Shelton’s “Doing What She Likes.” Any country music fans out there? “…burning watermelon candles upstairs…” Yeah? No? Hehe

After I finished with the candle, I decided to check out my co-worker Denise’s video on how to repurpose a candle. Check it out here!

I loved the video 🙂 So informative! You should follow Denise on YouTube here. And then on her blog here.

I decided to repurpose this Diamond Candle jar for cotton balls lol here’s my final result:



Thanks, Denise! ❤

Tell me about your Diamond Candles experience and if you like to repurpose candle holders too!


5 thoughts on “Diamond Candle + Repurposing

  1. ring inside the candle?? is this some kind of proposal product? hahaha wow.. i’m more of a fruity fresh candle scent kind of girl and watermelon sounds amazing steph!!

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