Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Polish

I had no idea Fergie had a nail polish collection with Wet n Wild.


The shade I bought is called Ferguson Crest Syrah.



Did I buy it because I’m obsessed with everything named after a type of wine at the moment? Perhaps.


I haven’t used Wet n Wild nail polish in a long time and I bought this one on a whim. I’m pretty sure my nails started chipping within 5 days of wearing the polish. My toes never chip, so that’s that. But then again, I also work with my hands often.

Either way, I like the shade of this nail polish. There’s a great shine to it and it’s a wonderful deep syrah color! πŸ™‚

I’d definitely wear this shade again since I like the color itself, but the staying power really isn’t there.

Maybe this is good for me since I’m always removing nail polish after a week of wearing it since I get so tired of colors easily. You can imagine how gel polish is a hassle at times for me because of this haha

Anyone else get a polish from this Fergie Wet n Wild nail collection?


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