Prize Candle + Repurposing

Hey ya’ll! I’ve had a candle obsession lately. More specifically, a candle-with-rings-in-them obsession. πŸ˜› But the good thing about that is, ya’ll get more candle reviews! Hehe

I bought an “Apple Pie” scented candle from Prize Candle.


As you may be guessing from the name of the brand, there is a prize inside this candle.



The candle was a good size and the scent was nice. It just wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. You couldn’t smell the “apple pie” from far away; you literally had to stand right next to the candle to smell it.

If I compare this Prize Candle to my Diamond Candle, this candle is smaller in size and it didn’t take too long for the wax to melt to get to the prize inside.

The only thing was, it was difficult for me to remove the prize once the wax around it melted. I didn’t realize until after I removed the prize, that the prize is attached to the inside of the candle by this sticker-like, squishy adhesive.


This made it really difficult because I was expecting the prize to just float in the wax for me to know if it was ready to be taken out of the candle or not. You know what I mean?

The prize was wrapped in a plastic container.



Extracting it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would’ve been, but it wasn’t super time-consuming or exhausting to do. My prize was a ring, and inside the plastic container with the ring was a paper with a code on it.

This was my prize!




Too cute! It’s worth $25, too! πŸ™‚ How did I figure that out? Once you extract your prize from a Prize Candle, you take the code on the paper next to your prize and you go to Prize Candle’s website to appraise your ring. Pretty neat, huh?

The only thing I didn’t like about this candle other than the fact that the prize was a little difficult to get was how the wax burnt. I know this may sound ridiculous. You know how some candles burn to a flat surface instead of burning in a downward circle? Please tell me this makes sense…

This Prize Candle candle burned in a deep downward circle, and not in a flat, even surface. (Look 3 photos up and you might understand better.) Because of this, I felt like I didn’t really get to burn all the available wax from the candle, you know? Since some of it was still on the sides when the wick just wouldn’t burn anymore. But that’s just me being picky. πŸ˜›


Overall, I’d recommend Prize Candle. I’d just recommend picking a scent you know you’ll like, or you’ll know is a strong scent that you can actually smell from a distance.

I repurposed this candle jar once I finished burning the candle!



Yay, new Q-tip holder! ❀

PS, to figure out how to repurpose a candle, check out this awesome tutorial from my friend Denise! This TOTALLY helped me when I had excess wax left in my jar that I wasn’t able to burn since the wick just stopped working at that point.

Tell me about your Prize Candle experience/candle repurposing experience!


7 thoughts on “Prize Candle + Repurposing

  1. For the future you can just use a toothpick to push the sides into the candle while its still burning or just after you blow it out when it’s still hot which should help with the burning flat and lets you burn up more wax overall.

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