MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme Sunscreen

Yes, I’m going to talk about sunscreen in December because you should be wearing it all year round, even if you’re not as pale as me. (I’m pretty pale.)

I got this MDSolarSciences Mineral Creme Broad Spectrul SPF 50 UVA/UVB Sunscreen sample from Sephora.



I instantly fell in love! This formula is SO smooth! It feels like a matte BB cream! :O I spread it all over my face super easily! It did leave a very light white sheen over my face, but that white sheen totally blocked out my natural redness so I was happy about that. I could seriously see myself wearing this sunscreen out of the house without any foundation over it. What? Yes. That’s right.

I’d recommend wearing it out on a short walk or for a morning outside, or daytime picnic. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this to the beach. Well, that’s just ME. I’m super pasty, so I go for the heavy duty, full strength stuff when I’m out in the sun for hours on end. But if your skin is darker, go for it, because that might just work for you. It just probably wouldn’t be a smart idea for me.

I wore it today when I took a walk outside. I loved it! It did leave a slight plastic-like smell when I had it on my face, but I didn’t care one bit because my face looked good. With sunblock on. GOOD. :O THIS. NEVER. HAPPENS!

I’m sorry, but I’m picky when it comes to sunblock because I’ve worn it my whole life almost on a daily basis all year round. So when a sunblock makes you look good, you go for it! Haha

I definitely recommend this product. I wouldn’t wear it on an everyday basis because it is a bit much, but definitely for a sunny stroll.

Anyone else love stuff from MDSolarSciences? Or have sunblock brands to share?


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