Clinique Different Lipstick: Shy

You know how sometimes you get something and you store it away, and then just forget about it until you stumble across it accidentally? That’s what happened to this Clinique Different lipstick I got in the shade, “Shy.”



When I first applied this lipstick, it was definitely different.

I had put a lot of lip balm on before I started swiping the lipstick on my lips, and then I realized I must’ve put too much lip balm on because the color was just not transferring from the lipstick to my lips. So I wiped off a bit of the balm and tried again. When I wasn’t successful in attaining the deep violet color photographed above (the lipstick itself, not the swatch,) I rubbed off all the balm and started fresh. But I found I still had to apply layer over layer of this lipstick to get a darker color, and it still wasn’t as dark as I would’ve liked. But it was still a gorgeous medium violet!

The formula was super soft, and not sticky. There was a shiny finish to the lipstick and it was comfy to wear. I definitely wish it was darker, but I do like the shade it is. The lipstick itself is a lot darker than the swatch (see first photo above.) I wasn’t expecting that! But this won’t stop me from wearing the lipstick in the future.

I’d recommend this lipstick to others if they want a comfy, everyday lipstick. This shade is also very pretty! Perfect for fall. πŸ™‚


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