I got a sample of this GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD face mask.



It’s an amazing face mask! It has bits of green tea leaves in it! :O But of course, that’s not all. There are other amazing ingredients in this product like volcanic minerals and clay and etc. It’s tingly when you put it on and it starts hardening. Love it! πŸ™‚

After waiting for it to fully harden in 10 minutes, I washed it off and my face felt super refreshed! I like this mask because it’s not just a clay/charcoal mask. Clay/charcoal masks are cool, but they’re super smooth and I don’t feel like it really gets deep into my pores all the time. This GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD mask has actual tea leaves in it, which is a new aspect I like. It also has these tiny particles in it I can feel when I’m rinsing off. So if I rub the mask off of my face while rinsing, I can feel them and work them into my pores a bit just before rinsing my whole face off of the product.

I can and cannot believe this product retails for originally $69 in a full-sized jar. I can believe it because it works well, but I can’t believe it because that’s such a high price for a face mask.

I do recommend this mask if you’re into them or are looking for a mask that’ll work. Please do try a sample of this if you can get your hands on one!

Anyone else try any other GLAMGLOW products before and fell in love?


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