Evian Facial Spray (Sponsored)

(This is a sponsored post.)

I got the chance to try this intriguing Evian facial spray, thanks to Evian and Brand Backer!


Before I talk about the product, let me talk about the brand. According to the brand, Evian Natural Mineral Water started as rain and snow at the French Alps, filtering for more than 15 years near the town of Evian-Les-Bains, France. The water in this spray is tested 300 times daily! WHAT?! That’s kind of insane.

Evian states this face spray was originally used by French doctors in 1962 on burn patients. It was the first face spray in France and it was introduced in the US in 1978. This facial spray is filled with natural mineral water. It’s not just any mineral water, though. There’s a unique mineral balance of a neutral 7.2 pH. Because of this, the spray is super compatible with your body! This spray works for all skin types, whether dry, oily, or sensitive.

This canister is leak-proof and perfect for traveling or even if you stick it in your purse/backpack when you’re on-the-go! The difference between this spray versus other facial water sprays, according to the brand, is that this spray is sealed at the source so it isn’t contaminated. Sprays  that aren’t sealed can have bacteria that may irritate your skin. No one wants that! Eek!

When you spray this Evian facial spray, you get a very light mist from the nozzle. I was so surprised. I don’t know why I was expecting a strong spray of water haha but I’m so glad that’s not what I got! I LOVED this product from the moment I tried it! Evian states the facial spray helps to rehydrate your skin, leaving it looking healthier and more refreshed. It’s also hypo-allergenic and was dermatologically tested.

I use this spray after I shower. Honestly, it feels like when you put your face under your shower faucet LOL but with a lighter mist of water hitting your face. It feels so refreshing and cool! I spray it on my face ’til my face is damp, let it dry, and then pat the rest onto my skin if it hasn’t fully dried yet/if I’m in a hurry. I then continue with my normal skincare/makeup routine. I just like to use this spray as added moisture.

You can use this spray for setting your makeup as well, however I don’t see it as being super helpful for that. I’d prefer to use an actual makeup sealant spray vs. this spray for makeup. I feel this way because this spray is so watery that I feel my makeup would drip off my face instead of set into my face you know? But if you’ve tried this with your makeup, let me know what you think of it!

The spray size I received was a 5 oz. can, but this also comes in other sizes depending on where you’re purchasing the item. According to Evian, “the 1.7 oz. (50 ml) travel-size has a suggested retail of $7,” which is ideal for a small bag. But most stores don’t carry this single item since they’d prefer to sell a trio pack of which retails for around $19.50. If you’re more interested in the larger, 5 oz. can, (150 ml) it sells for $12. This size is great for a large travel bag/gym bag. If that’s not big enough for you. (Bigger is always better?) There’s a 10 oz. (300 ml) size for storing at home, which sells for $17.50. Evian states all of these prices will be raised a bit starting Feb. 2015. So hurry up and get one now!

I’m definitely keeping this spray with the rest of my facial moisturizing products to continue using 🙂 Tell me what you think of this Evian facial spray!

Thanks, Brand Backer & Evian! ❤

(This is a sponsored post.)


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