2014: A Year in Review

2014: What a memorable year. Let’s go over the ups and downs:

-I kept having these epiphanies of what I wanted to do in life/with my life.
-I learned more about myself through experiences, good and bad.
-I rekindled old friendships.
-I made new friends.
-I graduated!
-I finally started THIS blog I’ve been wanting to start for years!
-I went to the gym minimum once a day, seven days a week. Gym rat fo sho.
-I don’t have that many OOTD photos anymore. :/
-I worked a job I hated.
-I quite the job I hated.
-I was on the job hunt for six months straight.
-I found a job about four months after graduation.
-I have two jobs.
-I’ve started to love taking the train.
-I’ve learned to enjoy myself more.
-I’ve learned to do things I want to do more.
-I started reading what I wanted to read again.
-I applied to grad schools.
-I was comfortable in my own skin.
-I did things that made me uncomfortable at times to try to better myself.
-I started reflecting more often.
-I’ve talked to some amazing online followers/friends!
-I started writing more snail mail.

I don’t know how 2015 will top 2014, but I hope that happens!

See you all next year ❀


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