2015 Resolutions

Let’s talk about resolutions. I’m just going to call them my goals for this year:

-Drink more tea than coffee
-Exercise at least twice a week
-Bring lunch to work as often as I can
-Save up more money
-Don’t spend money on unnecessary items
-Be less paranoid
-Be more outspoken
-Lower my carb intake
-Take better care of my skin
-Wear makeup less
-Take the time to actually do my hair
-Don’t get irritated so easily
-Keep up with daily blog posts for as long as I can handle!
-Network more
-Keep up a relationship with my readers!
-Do another Goodreads reading challenge for the year
-Make a better effort to rekindle my relationships with my family
-Don’t care what others think so much
-Make time for a social life with my friends
-Be more decisive
-Start meditating/chanting again
-Figure out religion (lol, but really)

Happy 2015, all! ❀


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