Is your skin thirsty?

I recently tried a sample of this GLAMGLOW THIRSTYMUD.



I was expecting this product to be just like the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD, but I was thrown off a bit because it wasn’t.

I slathered this tan-colored product all over my face and waited for it to dry. Much to my surprise, it didn’t harden like a face mask. It felt like a thick cleanser laying on my face for the longest time.Β But I rinsed it off after having it on for several minutes and it just made my face feel super refreshed.

I don’t think I’d purchase this product again because I didn’t see amazing results. I mean, it worked fine, but I didn’t fall in love with it. I definitely prefer GLAMGLOW’S YOUTHMUD than this THIRSTYMUD. But that’s just me.

What do you guys think of this product?



  1. You should give it a try at night and treat it like a moisturizer. I put it on at night and sleep with it. I am dehydrated and I’m not a huge skincare fan but I am raving about this one. Recommended for 2-3 times a week but I’ve been using it every night. I can tell the difference it made overnight. Ugh! I love it so much! I don’t even love my La Mer like this.

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