Weekend in Napa

Hey, all! I wanted to share photos of my weekend in Napa.


^^View from a vineyard we visited. I’ll get to that in just a bit…

I took a weekend trip to Napa with a couple girlfriends a while back. We went to Jamieson Ranch Vineyard and loved our experience there! The photo you see above is a view from an area of the vineyard. Gorgeous and green!

This is the front of Jamieson Ranch Vineyard:

We did a wine tasting and food pairing lunch at the vineyard. So nice!





IMG_9771L: 2012 Reata Egan Vineyards Chardonnay | Grilled, stacked pears + mozzarella
M: 2012 Reata Napa Valley Pinot Noir Reserve | Chicken pot pie + puff pastry top
R: 2010 JRV Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon | Bleu cheese grilled cheese + prosciuto

EVERYTHING WAS SO DELICIOUS! Our host for the afternoon was Lucinda. She was FABULOUS! I’d definitely recommend her as a host for your experience at Jamieson. She was knowledgable and fun! I liked all the wines on their own, but LOVED all food-and-wine pairings for different reasons haha I won’t be too specific because you’ll have to go and see on your own 😉

And AFTER we finished our food and wine, A LITTLE HORSE CAME OUT TO SEE US! Not. Even Joking. This is Jane. She was the sweetest girl, ever! 🙂 I’m beyond glad we got to meet her at Jamieson! I’d definitely go back to Jamieson just because my experience was so amazing! I’d also recommend it to EVERYONE! 🙂


Before leaving Jamieson, I bought two souvenirs. One was a postcard which I sent out before taking a photo of it. Oops! But it was a watercolor painting of the vineyard building itself. And I even met the artist at the vineyard that day! How cool was that?! 🙂 The second item I bought was this chardonnay brittle:
IMG_9775If you get the chance to try anything from Annette’s Chocolates, DO IT! 🙂 It looks like Annette’s Jamieson partnered to create delicious items. I bought this brittle at Jamieson but Lucinda recommending checking out Annette’s shop. (Tip: Once you open this brittle, package the actual brittle in a sealed container so that it doesn’t get stale.)

They’re a wonderful chocolatier shop! We visited their shop in Downtown Napa later that night hehe and could not help ourselves with so much chocolate around us! 😉 But this brittle was super delicious. As always, brittle sticks to my teeth like crazy. But this chardonnay brittle was so addicting! As I thought, it would be slightly difficult to taste the chardonnay, but I liked this better than normal peanut brittle because the peanut flavor is just so strong. I also bought beer brittle while I was at Annette’s. Why not, right? Haha



While we were shopping downtown, along with other small trinkets and gifts and souvenirs, I snagged this awesome fig flavored Lucero balsamic vinegar!
IMG_9781 IMG_9782I definitely recommend it if you’re a balsamic vinegar fan, like me! I looooove pairing it with olive oil to eat with bread. Like I need any more carbs, haha! This tasted like an amped up version of normal balsamic vinegar. Loved the flavor! The place we went to had many different types of vinegar and oil for customers to try. I was all over the vinegar section haha

We had dinner at a lovely restaurant called CA’ Momi inside the Oxbow Public Market.


And that about sums up our weekend! Well, we did smaller things in between, but these were the photos I took. 🙂

I love Napa! I also love wine, like a LOT xD Let’s go wine tasting together! 😉


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