Paper Towns

I recently finished reading this book only because I wanted to have it read before the movie came out.


Paper Towns by John Green

4/5 stars

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I didn’t understand the hype about this book. Or maybe it was a John Green hype. Either way, I figured I should just read Paper Towns to see what the fuss was all about in the end.

This book is in a boy’s point of view. I may have mentioned in a previous book review that reading books in a male’s perspective is slightly different for me because I’ve always been so used to reading books written in a girl’s perspective. However, I wasn’t disappointed that this book was in a boy’s perspective. I enjoyed it, actually.

Paper Towns is about a boy on a journey to find himself as well as an old friend. Quentin had always been in love with Margo. They were so similar yet so different. One day, Margo disappears. No one really thinks much of it because it’s become a norm for Margo, but Quentin knows he had to be the one to find her this time. Quentin follows clues Margo leaves to try to find her. This mystery leads him through a crazy journey, and he discovers a lot about himself – and Margo – he didn’t know before.

This book made me laugh and smile. I related to Quentin and Margo at times and I enjoyed reading about their friends. What great characters!

This was my favorite quote from the book because I totally relate to it:

“…because the half hour before the first bell was the highlight of our social calendars: standing outside the side door that led into the band room and just talking. Most of my friends were in band, and most of my free time during school was spent within twenty feet of the band room. But I was not in the band…”

^^That basically sums up my whole high school experience hahaha πŸ˜›

I’d recommend this book to those in high school, because I think maybe it’s more relatable at that age. I’d also recommend it if you like books about adventures and mysteries.

Let me know what you thought of Paper Towns!


2 thoughts on “Paper Towns

  1. I just read the book last week and really liked it! I’m definitely looking forward to the movie – I always pictured Margo to look like Cara, and I think she’s the perfect fit for the role πŸ™‚

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