Flaunt that Birthstone

My latest blog post for StyleChat.

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Are you a fan of your birth month’s stone? Whether you wear it because you love it or avoid it because you’re not a fan, get ready to look into your zodiac birthstone.

The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Birthstone,” Ellen Hoffman’s article for Refinery 29, tells you almost all you need to know about your zodiac birthstone. You can read about each stone’s history, the healing properties, symbolism, and how they relate to your zodiac sign. Hoffman’s article is based off of Florence Megemont’s book, “The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals.”

So why should you care about a zodiac birthstone? Well, once you learn more about yours, maybe you’ll have a handful of new jewelry pieces to purchase. So get ready to make some room in your jewelry box for some more gorgeous gems!

I was curious about my zodiac birthstone. My birthday…

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