Bella J. Candle + Repurposing

I finally got my hands on this Bella J. very berry candle!


Why do I say, “finally?” I’ve been waiting for this candle for ages! I purposely waited for the Birchbox shop to get this candle back in stock (was sold out for a couple months) so I could get points for buying it via Birchbox & not on the actual Bella J. shop or elsewhere πŸ˜› Silly, I know, but why not?!


Plus, this was the first time I ever heard of candles with prizes in them. “What?!” You may be asking. Yeah, I know. I’ve done a few other reviews of rings-in-candles or prizes-in-things πŸ˜› But my obsession started with this very candle! I found it online and was super intrigued! I would’ve reviewed this one first, but it wasn’t available for purchase at the time I wanted it from the shop I wanted to purchase from, so I waited. πŸ˜› I think this will be the last candle-with-a-prize-in-it I’ll be purchasing. Too many prizes at this point haha


I LOVED the scent of this candle! Super strong and fragrant; just the way I like my candles! I’d definitely recommend this scent to others. Smells like berries, but a hint of spice as well.

I let the candle burn until the prize was attainable. It was weird seeing a prize that looked very slim (in the photo below: the gold foil to the right of the flame). I guess I got used to seeing bulky rings wrapped up in candles haha


I was super satisfied with this candle because it was long-lasting, and had a wonderful scent. However, I was disappointed at the prize I got.


Definitely not a ring, but a couple gold charms on an adjustable bracelet.


The oval charm says, “bella j.” on it, and I got the sun charm. According Bella J.’s website, this charm is a sundial, which means my “brilliant” outlook & “warm” spirit helps me find “greater meaning.” My “optimistic” perspective helps welcome “challenges” so I can fulfill them “with enthusiastic vigor.” Interesting.

Anyway, I really wasn’t impressed with the prize I got. Maybe it’s just me. I mean, yes, I’d wear this bracelet. But I guess I was just expecting something more spectacular and extravagant and sparkly. πŸ˜› Oops lol

But I got over it. Then I got super excited because after I finished burning this Bella J. candle, I repurposed it! πŸ™‚ Again, I used my friend Denise’s video to help me out:

And this is what I made:


A jar for lip products! I have way too many laying around in a drawer, and it’s so hard to tell which one is which in dark lighting. I thought this would be a great way to better display my lippies, as well as find them easier!

Anyways, tell me about your Bella J. experiences. And tell me if you repurpose your candles too! πŸ™‚


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