David’s Tea: Top 12

I got this amazing tea sampler from David’s Tea.


It’s the Top 12 sampler set:


The set included 12 tins of tea samples + descriptions of each tea. (Not the cup, infuser, or scoop in the photo above.)


The teas included were:

Cream of Earl Grey (9g/0.3oz)
Japanese Sencha (9.5g/0.3oz)
Super Ginger (13.3g/0.5oz)
The Skinny (7.5g/0.3oz)
Detox (8.5g/0.3oz)
Mother’s Little Helper (6g/0.2oz)
Cold 911 (6.3g/0.2oz)
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (10.3g/0.4oz)
Coco Chai Rooibos (12g/0.4oz)
Birthday Cake (11.8g/0.4oz)
Crème Caramel Rooibos (8g/0.3oz)
Forever Nuts (12g/0.4oz)

I had actually never heard of David’s Tea before I got this set as a gift.


I definitely fell in love with some of the teas in this sampler, and I do really want to purchase more! Hehe tea addict issues 😛

Let’s do a quick recap:

Cream of Earl Grey – Super yummy!
Japanese Sencha – Not bad. I’ve had better.
Super Ginger – I. Do. Not. Like. Ginger. Anything.
The Skinny – Ehh.
Detox – Refreshing
Mother’s Little Helper – LOVE LOVE LOVE
Cold 911 – Not bad
Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait – Smells fab! Tastes OK
Coco Chai Rooibos – I want more!
Crème Caramel Rooibos – Yes, please!
Forever Nuts – Smells nice. Tastes eh.

Surprisingly, I finished all the red teas in this set first! Hehe maybe its because I rarely drink those ones. They were definitely different and yummy!

I’d recommend this set to tea lovers, or even those trying to get into different kinds of teas. Each canister made me about 2-4 cups of tea, depending on how much of the tea leaves I needed/the size of cup I used/how many refills I wanted 😛

Let me know if you have any David’s Tea favorites! I definitely want to visit one of their stores soon. I also want to buy tea in general 😛


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