Love, Tanya

I was so excited to read Tanya Burr‘s book, Love, Tanya.


Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr

4/5 stars

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I bought Love, Tanya in e-book form, so I could read it on my Kindle. This book was lovely! It made me really want to meet Tanya and have a cup of tea with her someday! I got to know more about Tan’s childhood, her personal life, and how she truly got into fashion, beauty, and vlogging. It was great to read more about a YouTuber you’ve watched for so long.

One part I loved about the book was how Tanya asked her fans questions. I hear in the physical copy, you can jot down your own notes and answers to her questions. Since I purchased the e-book, I couldn’t do this. But I jotted down my own notes and thought I’d share them with you all! It’s a great way for you to get to know me a little better.

Top 10 Moments w my Family:
1. Trip to France + Belgium to visit family + friends
2. Going to wedding parties
3. Road trips to Chinatown SF
4. Going to grandma’s house
5. Walking to the parks/playgrounds with grandma
6. Sleepovers at Auntie Jenny’s
7. Visits to dad’s shop
8. All the new animals we got
9. Sleeping in late & going out on weekends
10. Trip to NY + Canada

Favorite School Memories:
1. Playing on the playgrounds with friends & making new ones
2. Makeup journey
3. Choir classes + trips + competitions + performances
4. Spartan Daily newspaper reporting + editing

Childhood Heroes:
1. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gillis
2. My grandma
3. That mysterious gymnastics coach substitute who taught me so much in so little time
4. Other fellow gymnasts who taught me courage and bravery
5. Jo from Little Women

Top 10 Songs – Soundtrack of my Life Growing Up:
1. Britney Spears’ “Lucky”
2. Christina Aguilera’s “Stronger”
3. Spice Girls’ “Too Much”
4. Aqua’s “Barbie Girl”
5. Adele’s “Chasing Pavements”
6. The Beathes’ “Yesterday”
7. Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name”
8. John Rutter’s Requiem’s “Pie Jesu”
9. Martina McBride’s “Concrete Angel”
10. Parachute’s “She”

Top 10 Things that’s Shaped who I’ve Become:
1. Being bullied
2. Putting education first
3. Choir
4. Reading
5. Blogging
6. OOTDs
7. Journalism
8. Fashion & beauty
9. People who’ve believed in me and people who didn’t
10. Dreams

People with Positive Influences on my Life + Why:
1. Grandma -> She taught me kindness and love
2. Mom -> She taught me intelligence and responsibility
3. Mack -> He taught me to never stop dreaming – no matter how big the dream is, how crazy it sounds, and how impossible it may seem. He taught me how to use my abilities wisely
4. Craig -> He taught me to use my brain and  how to get creative

Funniest / Embarrassing Moments:
1. Falling in the rain in Uggs
2. Ripping jeans + yoga pants
3. Forgetting words in a video that couldn’t be re-recorded

Skincare Regime + Improvements:
1. Cleanser or scrub, depending on my face needs at the moment (I could indulge my face in more peels/masks)
2. I need to focus on clearing acne more
3. I’d love to try more/new serums and toners

Beauty Icons + Why:
1. Winnie Harlow – She’s a model who has beautiful skin, and she’s not afraid to show the world
2. Shaun Ross – Model who is albino, but shows off his skin

Top 10 Looks that Inspire me at the Moment:
1. Contoured face
2. Sun-kissed glow
3.  Winged cat-eye
4. Bold brows
5. Eyeliner on top of eye shadow
6. Huge false lashes
7. Huge Kylie Jenner lips
8. Dewy skin
9. Crease-cut (negative space) eyeliner
10. Makeup transformations (Think Promise Phan)

Top 10 Items in my Makeup Bag:
1. Eyebrow pencil
2. Concealer
3. Face powder
4. Moisturizer
5. Lip balm
6. Lip color
7. tweezers
8. Mirror
9. Q-tips
10. Makeup remover

Hairstyles to try:
1. French braid
2. Waterfall braid
3. Ombre
4. Balayage highlights
5. Hot pink ends
6. Body wave
7. Curl hair with straightener
8. Strawberry blonde hair

Top 10 Nail Varnishes/Polishes:
1. Metallic gold
2. French gel
3. Zoya Bar Magical Pixie Dust
4. Highlighter pink gel
5. Orly You are not Alone
6. Deep, blue-toned red
7. Lavender
8. Pastel pink
9. Almost anything glitter
10. Matte black

My Favorite Fashion Items:
1. Brown monogrammed Madewell bag
2. Oxblood Madewell zipped pouch
3. Black Betsey Johnson watch
4. SJSU class ring
5. Diamond stud earrings
6. Dark-washed blue jeans
7. Black yoga pants
8. Colorful scarves
9. Black leather boots
10. Ribbon hair ties

Celebrities Whose Style I Admire + Why:
1. Blake Lively – modern and glamorous
2. Kim Kardashiam – not afraid to show off her figure
3. Taylor Swift – experiments with fashion
4. Katy Perry – colorful and fun
5. Audrey Hepburn – classic and lady-like

Favorite Romantic Films:
1. The Holiday
2. 10 Things I Hate About You
3. Silver Linings Playbook
4. No Strings Attached
5. Pride & Prejudice
6. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Date Ideas to try:
1. Picnic
2. Dancing
3. Pottery making/painting
4. Candle making
5. Sunset on the beach
6. Hot air balloon ride
7. Wine tasting

My BFFs + Why:
*I’m going to list my BFFs in groups. The reason for this is not to exclude anyone as well as not to highlight anyone. It’s because when I think of this question, I see my BFFs as groups of people in my life.
1. Childhood – My childhood friends from elementary school to now. Some are closer than others, but all have shaped my life
2. Spartan Daily – My fellow reporters and editors mean the world to me. Always have, and always will. We share one common thing: Getting the news out there. It’s a special bond I’ll never forget: My Spartan Daily family ❤
3. ipsyCare – My work ladies! I’ve never worked in an environment where so many ladies have similar interests as me. Love this new friendship!
4. Bloggers/followers – I love meeting other bloggers and my blog followers! What a treat to meet those you admire as well as those who admire your writing. I hope to meet more bloggers/followers soon!

Top 10 Things to Bring on Holiday:
1. Sunscreen
2. Books! (Kindle)
3. Meds
4. Extra clothes (w/in reason)
5. Cash
6. Tissues
7. Lip balm
8. Appropriate clothing for all different weather types/seasons
9. Hair ties + bobby pins
10. Trash bags for dirty clothes

Favorite Places in the World:
1. France
2. Belgium
3. NYC
4. Wine country (Napa/Sonoma)

Places I see Myself Living:
1. NYC
2. SF

Activities I want to try:
1. Zip lining
2. Bungee jumping
3. Rock climbing
4. Spin class
5. Weight lifting
6. Fishing
7. White water rafting
8. Salsa dancing
9. Tap dancing
10. Hot yoga

Healthy Foods to Introduce into my Diet:
1. Kale
2. Chia seeds

People I’d Like to have Dinner/Cake with:
1. Franci of The Fashion Palate and Franci Cakes!
2. Other fellow bloggers!
3. My readers!

Recipes to Try:
1. Chia seed pudding
2. Juice recipes
3. Simple breakfasts

Top 10 Favorite Foods:
1. Grilled cheese
2. Sushi
3. Tangerines
4. Margherita pizza
5. Avocado + mozzarella cheese quesodillas
6. Blueberries
7. String cheese
8. Pho
9. Spring rolls
10. Fries

Things I Aspire to be Fearless at:
1. Public speaking
2. Confrontations
3. Large social situations

Things that Make me Happy:
1. Blogging / Writing / Reporting
2. Singing
3. Yoga
4. Group exercise classes

Things to Make me Feel Better When I’m Down:
1. Shopping
2. Painting my nails
3. Watching DVDs
4. Meditating
5. Singing
6. Writing

Favorite Sites:
1. Sephora
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. YouTube
5. Pandora
6. Goodreads
7. IFB

Proudest Moments:
1. When I got nominated and then selected as executive editor for the Spartan Daily newspaper
2. Whenever I sang solos/duets for choir
3. When I graduated SJSU
4. When I finally launched this blog!

Things to Accomplish:
1. Go to grad school
2. Write a book
3. Travel
4. Live in SF and/or NYC
5. Sit front row at a fashion show
6. Work at a fashion/beauty magazine
7. Fashion reporting and editing

Dream Jobs:
1. Fashion/beauty reporter/editor at a magazine in a big city

Favorite Books:
1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
2. The Awakening
3. As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As A Girl

WOW. A handful of questions and answers. I hope you enjoyed that! Please go read Tanya’s book and let me know what you think! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Love, Tanya

  1. I enjoyed reading your post, it’s really nice knowing more about you. When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of Britney and Christina too and I was over the moon when I brought home my first kitten! Oh and Tanya is amazing and I love watching her makeup tutorials! =)

    • Oh, I wish I had a kitten growing up! I don’t remember the cat we had when I was super young. Apparently he didn’t like me bc I kept pulling his tail 😉 And Tanya is awesome! So down-to-earth in her videos!

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