Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel

I fell in love with this Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel sample I got!


I didn’t expect much when I first looked at this exfoliant, but OMG was I surprised! Once you spread this formula over your face, the dead skin literally peels off your skin like you’re a snake shedding! OK, maybe that’s the point of peels. Is it? Because I had no idea! Haha

But I love what the formula did to my skin. After scrubbing off the dead skin, I rinsed everything off my face and I felt so refreshed!

I definitely recommend this product to those looking for a good peel. I’ve never tried anything by Peter Thomas Roth before, but now I want to try the whole skincare line! Any recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel

  1. Did you notice any peeling after you wanted it off? I’ve used home peels in the past and loved how my skin looked a week later. My skin has been much drier the past year due to my age. I’ve been wanting a new peel but nothing too strong. I liked Aquarevel Satin Bright Water Peel but it’s just too expensive.
    Thank you for reviewing!

    • I liked using this peel when my face felt like I had too much gunk on it, you know? Just a bunch of makeup/product build up. Gross, I know, haha. But it was gentle and it didn’t make my skin sting/burn, so I’d recommend it! I’ve never heard of the Aquarevel peel before! I haven’t used any other peels beside this one, actually. I’ve always been afraid because I didn’t want anything too harsh on my face. I’m very happy with this one, though!

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