Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I am in love with this Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream!


According to the website, the brand name is pronounced, “YOO-BEE.”

This thick skin cream is yellow in color, yet turns white when rubbed into the skin. It does have a medicinal scent to it, but that fades away once the skin cream settles and dries into the skin.

I’ve been using this moisturizer for ages now! I’d say about a year or two. However, I only use this moisturizer in the winter, or when my face is extra dry and flaky.

I have combination skin, so this moisturizer is too thick for when my face is oily. It’s perfect for dry skin, though!

I think for some people, this moisturizer will take getting used to, especially if you aren’t used to the medicinal cream scent.

I’d definitely recommend this moisturizer for those who have dry skin, and I definitely recommend using it in the winter for those who only have dry skin then.

Anyone else try anything by Yu-Be they love?


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