Blonde roots

I haven’t found a good solution just yet.

Do any of you have issues with blonde roots? As in blonde roots outgrowth?

My hair is naturally blonde and I’ve been dying it basically 50 shades of brown. πŸ˜›

Of course, every time my natural hair color peeks through, I then have blonde roots with brown dyed ends.

Why is this an issue?

Let’s just say from far away and in photos, I look like I have a bald streak because my blonde roots are so light. >.<

Of course, the easy answer is to get a root touch-up.

Problem: I don’t want brown hair anymore.

Possible solutions:
1. Let my blonde hair grow out completely and then chop off the brown bits?
2. Get highlights lighter than/the same color as my natural hair?
3. Wait for my roots to grow out to a certain point & then go for an ombre look?


I’ll take any and all suggestions, ladies and gents! ❀


One thought on “Blonde roots

  1. I guess the good solution would be to use hair color remover on dyed hair, then to use semi-permanent dye with the lowest oxidant cream (1,9%, 1,7%)to tone hair as near shade as possible to your natural hair. Better at some good stylist or to follow all instructions if you decide to do this buy yourself:)

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