Billion Dollar Brows Best Sellers Kit

Don’t we all want brows that look like a billion dollars? I know I do! I was super excited to try this Billion Dollar Brows best sellers brow tools kit.


This kit included four items:

1. Universal eye brow pencil
2. Eye brow duo pencil
3. Eye brow smudge brush
4. Clear eye brow gel



I looooooved this eye brow pencil!


It was a twist-up eye brow pencil that was thin enough to easily work with, but thick enough to be sturdy. I would seriously go out and buy another one of these eye brow pencils since I’m now all out of this one. 😛

Although I really liked this eye brow pencil, I really did not like this duo:


This is a concealer and highlighter duo that I used once and only once before I tossed it out. I hate concealer pencils because of the formula. This highlighter also was a weird color for me, so I wasn’t a fan at all. I honestly tossed it in the trash after it sat in my eye product drawer for months.

I did like this clear eye brow gel, though:


Eye brow gels were my thing in high school. I thought they were seriously the bomb haha I looooved experimenting with clear, blonde, and brown eye brow gels. So this was definitely a blast from my past! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s clear. I prefer blonde/brown eye brow gels to clear  ones, because I feel like when I use a clear one, most of the time, the color from my brow pencil just smudges onto this brow gel brush. That just gets really annoying.

I found this eye brow smudge brush to be interesting.

I’ve actually never used one before. I liked it, but it isn’t a tool I use on an everyday basis. I of course, still have this brush in my brush box, but I’ll just have to remember to use it more often. I’ll just have to experiment!

Anyway, I’d recommend this kit to those who love having their brows on fleek.



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