Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

I. Just. Can’t. -Sigh-


I tried this Sally Hansen hair remover wax strip kit and did not like it.

Ugh. I was irritated from the start! First, not all of the hair I was trying to wax off would actually come off. I had stray hairs left over on my skin. As in, I put a wax strip on my leg, pressed it down evenly and peeled it off, but not all the hair that was covered by the wax strip came off my leg. #Awkward.

You know what my leg looked like after I used these strips because of all the leftover hairs? Angelica’s doll’s head:

The wax was a sticky mess! It’s definitely easier to shave with a razor at this point.

The oil that came in the kit was helpful and very nice, but that was about the only nice thing there was about this kit. 😛

Safe to say I do not recommend this product, nor will I ever purchase it again.

Yes, it is at an affordable price and available at most drugstores, however at this point, I’d rather pay more for a professional to get all the hair off of my body. I mean, I’m just trying to not look like a hairy bear right meow. ;P

PS, using this kit messed up my leg hair growth. Ick! It looked like I had a million tiny ingrown hairs when my leg hairs started growing back!! I seriously took tweezers to my leg hairs to pluck them from what looked like a plaster of hairs laying flat on my skin – not sticking UP like normal, but laying FLAT! Ugh. Eventually after a few shaves with a razor, I got my leg hair to look normal again.

Just don’t buy this kit. Save yourself the trouble.


One thought on “Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

  1. loling soooo much at the Angelica dolls head… however awful that your legs ended up looking like Cynthia – shall be avoiding this for sure Stephanie!!! Great honest review, thanks so much for warning us huni lol Karen x

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