Fit and Fabulous

Don’t you love cute fitness attire?




Headband: Goody
Jacket: Zella
Top: RBX
Yoga pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Champion
Photos by Denise Joyce ❀

A while back, I didn’t understand the point in purchasing cute fitness attire when I’d just sweat in it anyway. Then I went to the gym once-twice daily and understood it all.

It’s not just about looking cute, but it’s about feeling cute. I felt good because I was going to the gym all the time, but I didn’t feel like I looked cute because of my dowdy gym outfit choices.

So I made a point to purchase some cute workout clothes, and I felt so much better about myself! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound superficial. I just felt better about working on my fitness goals when I dressed the part.

IMG_0978(Ignore the awkward sunburn marks on my back…)

What are some of your favorite workout outfits/brands?


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