More Changes to this Blog

Hey, lovers!

I’ve got some news: There’ll be changes to this blog!

I know, I know, more changes?!

With every new stage in my life, that also means I’ll change a bit of what goes on with this blog.

So what’s new now?

I’m starting a new chapter in my life, and I just won’t have time to post every 3 days.

It pained me when I had to go from daily posts to posts every 3 days a few months back, but I had to cut back quantity to try to keep quality, you know? I did that when I started a new job. Now, I’m going to scale back even more for a different journey I’m taking.

So I definitely still want content flowing through this blog, but starting today, I’ll only be posting twice a week.

Big change, yes. But I’m going to try my best to stick with that!

Why did I decide on two posts a week? I think that’s what I’ll be able to manage starting now. I don’t want to share my journey just yet, but I hope to soon enough.

I want to thank you readers SO much for this following! I’ve had so much fun with this site, it’s unbelievable!

I know I’ve been lacking when it comes to fashion and lifestyle posts lately, so I hope to change it up soon. But for now, please look forward to more beauty/product-related posts! 🙂

And don’t be shy! Start a conversation with me! Let me know what’s going in in those noggins of yours!

Until next time. ❤


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