Yu-Be Body Lotion

I got a small sample of this Yu-Be body lotion.


I was excited to try it because of the brand.

I liked it a lot! It was a small package of a sample, (not the one pictured above) so I would need more of the formula to figure out if I really liked it all that much.

I’m not sure that I’d purchase this, but I’d love to try a few more samples of it.

The formula wasn’t think or thick. It was yellow in color and smelled only slightly of a medicinal scent.

I’d recommend it to others because it was moisturizing and I Β know all of Yu-Be products most likely are.

Tell me, what Yu-Be products have you tried?


2 thoughts on “Yu-Be Body Lotion

  1. I got a teeny tiny sample as part of the free sample pack. I wouldn’t use it as an everyday lotion, but it helped to heal a small oven burn on my hand! I keep it around as a kind of healing salve.

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