Lancome Energie De Vie Dullness Relief and Energy Recharge Daily Lotion and Cream

I got this great Lancome Energie de Vie 7-day trial from Sephora:



The trail came with 7-days worth of samples of both the Energie de Vie Dullness Relief & Energy Recharge Daily lotion and the Energie de Vie Dullness Relief & Energy Recharge Daily cream. A mouthful of a name, I know. πŸ˜›

This is the lotion:


Don’t be fooled by the name – I don’t know why it’s called a lotion. It looked like a serum to me. It was a clear-ish liquidy formula. A lot came in the sample package (size above) and it was enough to cover my face, neck, and then some. After 7 days of using this “lotion,” I couldn’t really tell if it worked or not. All I know was that it felt nice on my face.

This is the cream:


I fell in LOVE with this face cream! OMG it felt silky smooth. It smelled amazing! it was light yet creamy and moisturizing. I’d buy a jar of it for myself in a heartbeat! And I’d buy it as a gift as well. It’s amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it! I’d say this was the highlight of the Lancome trial box.

I’m not sure if either products recharged my energy or lessened the dullness in my face. All I Β know is that I could do without the lotion, but somebody buy me a jar of this cream!



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