Clarisonic Mia and Refreshing Gel Cleanser

I finally caved and bought the Clarisonic, which I’ve been dying to try.


I got the Clarisonic Mia in hot pink, of course.

The brush itself surprised me. I for some reason thought the brush would spin in circles. This one moved left and right/back and forth.

I felt it cleaned my face well! I’m glad I finally bought it and didn’t settle for a knock-off I probably wouldn’t have been happy with in the end. Not to say that knock-offs aren’t good enough or anything, but I can see why people really like their Clarisonics so much.

I think the charging design is quite interesting for this device. It took me a good 15 seconds to figure it out. SO high tech! I feel so old haha

The brush spins for about a minute before stopping. I used it a few times before having to recharge it. I know many people buy different brush heads and it’s recommended, but I’m fine with this one. Even if I get makeup on it, it’ll wash off fine.


The set I bought came with a Refreshing Cleansing Gel.

IMG_0038 IMG_0039

The cleanser isn’t too thick or thin. It smells like lavender! Loved that part so much. Nothing too special about the cleanser, so if it didn’t come with the brush, no biggie. I wouldn’t buy it again though because it didn’t do anything monumental for me.


It took me a few tries to get the cleanser amount and pressure right for my face. But all in all, I really like this!

Your thoughts?


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