This book review is long overdue, but I fell in love with another Rainbow Rowell book.


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

5/5 stars

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Attachments is a book about modern friendship, family, life and love. I could relate so much to the main character, Lincoln. He’s a college graduate who’s kinda just stuck at the moment. He’s living back at home with his mom, he’s found a job that’s all right, and he’s trying to find his friends and motivations again. Lincoln goes through the motion of life, wandering here and there, wondering what he should do next, and kind of what his purpose is at this point in his life.

I could also relate to Lincoln because he finds a job at a newspaper. The way he describes the newsroom life and the editors on staff made me laugh and reminisce on my own time in the newsroom. I miss that life.

Lincoln is like the paper’s net security. He reads people’s emails, basically, for work. He makes sure employees aren’t abusing their company email by using it to goof around, or saying inappropriate things.

This is how he falls in love. No, he doesn’t fall in love with the task. He falls in love with a girl, but through emails. He has no idea what she looks like, but he still feels a connection. How crazy is that?! I love it! Truly a modern day love story, yeah?

Beth and Jennifer don’t understand this email thing, and how their emails are being read and flagged if inappropriate.

These two ladies are more than just co-workers, but they’re actual friends. They share secrets and laughs and deep conversations…all through their work email. You can imagine how this goes and what Lincoln sees.

This book switches back and forth between a chapter about Lincoln’s life, and then a chapter of the transcript of Beth and Jennifer’s email exchange. I loved this format so much!

I noticed I didn’t squeal as much while I was reading this book compared to Rowell’s other books, haha. But I still loved it just as much as her others!

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to a great book. I’d highly recommend this to those who just graduated from college and are maybe feeling a little lost.


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