The hint of a sparkle on cement tiles.

The way the sunlight hits the leaves on a tree.

The reflection on a window inside a bus.

The way clouds can form familiar-looking shapes.

The way a dream doesn’t continue even after pressing snooze.

The initial hello.

The way the a whirring AC can be the loudest noise in the room.

The moment an excruciatingly hot beverage hits sensitive tongues.

Coming home to be greeted by a dog after a long day away.

The sting of a paper cut.

To be suddenly struck with fear.

The way a heart races when the mind and body are in anticipation.

The way a body melts into a comfortable bed.

The taste of cold water on a hot day.

The feeling of sore muscles after an intense workout.

The way hair can smell like a bonfire.

The way a stomach lurches on an elevator ride.

The way a feather travels with the wind.

The way inspiration appears.

The moments we forget.
The moments we cherish.
The moments in our lives.


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