I thought this GLAMGLOW YOUTHCLEANSE sample was the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD sample at first. Definitely not! The packing was just super similar, that’s all.
IMG_1850This cleanser feels so nice on the skin! It’s a super gentle formula and didn’t irritate my face at all. It’s gentle enough to use it twice a day, actually. I don’t use it twice a day nor do I use it daily, though.

The mud-to-foam texture is interesting. I’m used to wetting my face, putting cleanser on, rubbing it in, then rinsing it out. But for this formula, you should start with a dry face. Apply the cleanser all over, then wet your hands and rub your fingers over your face in a massaging motion. You’ll see the mud turn into foam. Pretty cool, but slightly messy.

I’d recommend this for those looking for a good cleanser that’ll leave your face feeling refreshed. Any other GLAMGLOW recommendations?


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