Sephora Green Tea Mask

I was super excited to try this Sephora green tea mask because sheet masks have been all the rage lately. However, I’m not too sure how I feel about sheet masks in general. Or maybe it was this one specifically?


As you can tell by the instructions, this product was easy to use.


You rip open the packaging, first. Then you grab the surprisingly slimy mask out of it. You unwrap the fiber sheet mask and spread it out onto your face so you look like this:


I felt like it was difficult to stand up with this mask on my face because every time I’d want to look down, I remembered this mask might fall. And no one wants a slimy mess to clean up, yeah? So I just plopped myself on the bed and stayed for 15 minutes.

This mask felt cool on my face, and super slimy still. After a while, it felt really relaxing and nice! When my 15 minutes was up, I didn’t want to take the mask off  my face because it had started to feel less odd. Although I still looked like an alien with it on. My dog smelled me and then ran away. 😛

After taking this mask off my face, the instructions tell you to rub the excess product into your skin. I felt weird doing this, but I did it anyways since I thought it’d be beneficial to my skin.

However, my skin felt a little dry after and slightly irritated. I’m thinking that’s because I rubbed the excess product into my skin instead of washing it off my face. I only think that because when I use products like makeup wipes and the residue from the wipe is still on my face, my face then starts to get all irritated from it. (I used makeup wipes a few times, and after this reaction after each different type of makeup wipe, I just stopped using wipes in general and switched back to liquid makeup remover.) So basically, leaving liquid-y product on my face that isn’t a face serum/face moisturizer irritates my skin.

That reason is why I’m hesitant to use a sheet mask again. I mean, I may just use another one and wash the product off my face to see if that helps. But I’m also afraid my skin will react poorly to the product in general. Who knows. I mean, my face doesn’t react to regular masks that I wash off after it has dried on my skin, so…that’s why I came to that specific conclusion.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Also, I know many who love sheet masks! So don’t let my personal experience scare you away from them! I’d say give it a try. Please do let me know what you think!


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