SheaMoisture Butter Lipstick Crayon

I got a SheaMoisture butter lipstick crayon I was excited to try.


The shade in the photo is called Sarah.

I was excited for the shade, except the finish wasn’t too appealing to me. It’s a satin finish, and I was afraid it’d look too ’80s haha! But it’s actually not too bad! A bit too shiny for my taste, but I think it’s the shade of pink. Maybe if I got a different satin finish lipstick, I’d be more comfortable with it. Either way, this is a fun color to wear just because.

When you put it on without anything underneath, it’s super pigmented:



When you put it on with lip balm under, it’s a lot lighter:

Photo on 6-25-15 at 8.15 AM

(Sorry for the poor quality webcam pic! xD)

I wouldn’t buy this shade again, but I’d like to find a lipstick crayon with a different finish, in a different shade to try. SheaMoisture is pretty cool, and I’d like to try more of their products. Any recommendations?


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