treStiQue Color and Smudge Shadow Crayon

I got a super cute sample of the treStiQue color and smudge shadow crayon in venetian gold.


First of all, it’s so stinkin’ sneaky! Take a closer look at the pic. The cap is already on the product. Confused? I was. It’s a cap that looks like the pencil doesn’t have a cap. Get it? Lol. So instead of an ordinary cap, it’s a fake-tip cap. How can you tell? That horizontal line going across the middle of the product. You pull, and the product opens up to a rounded shadow crayon! πŸ˜› Don’t worry if you fall for it, I certainly did!

Anyway, I love this color!


That’s what it looks like without a primer, and it’s just a tiny bit lighter with a primer underneath.

I seriously kinda want it in all colors now haha but I prefer shiny colors when it comes to shadow crayons, so shiny colors only! (no matte.) πŸ˜‰

I wish the crayon was able to be sharpened. It’s a twist-up, which is SO much more convenient, but I like the precision and sharpness of an eye crayon that can be sharpened. Not too big of a deal though! I always use my fingers for eye crayon smudging anyway. I should probably use a smudge sponge though.

I’d recommend this to others because you have to try this! I fell in love with the great packaging, and this color specifically rocks for a daytime look as well as a nice night time one depending on how you use it! Versatile! Love it!

Tell me your thoughts.


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