Lush Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

Oh. My. God. If angels were on my skin, it would feel like using this cleanser.


Lush‘s Angels on Bare Skin was a great face and body cleanser!

It comes in simple and portable packaging, which I appreciate.

The product looks like this:


It looks like molding clay with lavender bits in it. It smells phenomenal! Like lavender, so that’s a great plus. It’s such a relaxing scent to have when you’re taking a shower.

I used this on my body and my face and loved it! I liked that it was a moisturizing cleanser despite looking like a scrub for a second.

I’d definitely recommend this to others. I wouldn’t purchase it again only because I want to try all of Lush’s other products. 😉

This is vegan, so that’s a great addition to those of you who use vegan skincare products. I found it super interested that there’s ground almond in the product. I love almonds and didn’t think to use it in a body care product! So cool.

Do you have any Lush recommendations for me?


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