SNP Rabbit Face Art Character Mask

I got such a cool gift from my co-worker! A SNP (Otherwise known as Shining Nature Purity) rabbit character sheet mask! Yes, when you put it on, you look like a rabbit! Hehehe :3
IMG_3793IMG_3794Now, I haven’t had luck with sheet masks in the past, but I figured out how to best use them for my type of skin.

Normally, I hear about people opening up a sheet mask packet and placing it on their face for about 20-30 mins, then removing the mask and rubbing the excess mask juices onto their skin and letting that sit and dry. The last time I did this, my whole face broke out. But, I did sort of anticipate this unhappy ending because I just had this gut feeling that I should wash off the excess mask juices. So the next time I tried a sheet mask (which was a very long time since the first incident) I knew better.

I put on this rabbit sheet mask:
IMG_3795 IMG_3797 IMG_3798& I hung out for 15 mins, browsing on social media sites and watching TV. I’ve learned that leaving the sheet mask on for a shorter period of time is better for my sensitive skin.

The mask felt nice and relaxing. After I took it off, it left my face feeling soothed and clean. I did rub the excess mask juices onto my face, but I rinsed it all off and dabbed my face dry with a towel after. And guess what? My face didn’t break out into any crazy rash this time! Yes! Success!

I really like the fun aspect of this sheet mask that there was an adorable bunny on it. I’d love to try the rest of the animal sheet masks out there! It makes sheet masks a lot more interactive. I couldn’t stop smiling! πŸ˜€

Tell me about your sheet mask experiences.


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