GUEST POST: #Foodporn: Why do people love looking at food pictures (rather than preparing food)?

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#Foodporn: Why do people love looking at food pictures (rather than preparing food)?
By: Cristina Nika Kask at High Style Life

“There is no sincerer love than the life of food.” -George Bernard Shaw

No matter how you slice, dice, marinate and bake – food and love are inseparably tied. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that the secret ingredient for a delicious meal is love? There you have it. Still, this is an entirely new generation with a rather platonic affection for food. Sure, we love eating it, but do we love making it? Sometimes, but we always adore staring at it. This new foodie revolution is revealing the delights of observing food photos and imagining a dish’s amazing flavours on your own taste buds. Is it just a perk of the digital age, or there is some other allure in eye-devouring sweet treats and other tasty meals?


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The joys of digital mouth watering

When observing a photo of a nicely prepared and arranged meal, your appetite is aroused in different ways than when you are eating that meal. You are allowed to imagine how a mousse au chocolat with raspberries would taste like if a sprinkle of fresh mint were added, or how a salmon roasted in truffle oil would taste. Yes, looking at cake images might not be the same as eating the cake, but it definitely has its place in foodie culture today. In this era of crazed oral-gratification, food has become a fetish and looking at food pictures and even watching other people eat has become omnipresent across media platforms. Photographs of food in their essence are often similar to pictures of hot models; they are beautifully posed, the subject is perfect and that attractiveness is joined with pure ecstasy … yet it is unattainable. Every little detail is perfectly arranged and garnished in a way that creates a reaction of a heavenly gift.


Photo from:

Why are our eyes hungry and our hands lazy?

The culture of posting and viewing images of food has become a global trend, and along with that trend came the growing desire to enjoy those images. Every day we are exposed to beautifully-portrayed dishes, and our brain can signal us that we are hungry even when we do not feel the physical need for food. Yes, that’s how we fall in love in food. But it’s not just images; popular culinary shows, such as Aussie’s darling Bill Granger’s cooking show, show us fabulous dishes. Bill’s famous Portuguese custard tarts are becoming a trend where we have access to the recipe, yet do not even bother trying to make it ourselves. And we will not even get started with Rudolph’s Bakery. Is it possible that we find the sufficient satisfaction just in watching food being prepared? Perhaps we are just afraid that our chicken with pineapple will never taste as great as the one in the photo.


Photo from:

Food pictures = New art?

On the other hand, food pictures can satisfy us in a similar way a piece of art does. After all, cooking is an artform. Most food images are taken like macro photos, so it is no wonder they appear so magnificent. Macro photography is one of the most popular photography genres and it represents a unique way to capture colours, contrasts and make a photo look as if the subject or object is alive. If done well, a photo of a meal should be able to evoke appetite and make people feel the taste of food on their taste buds and smell the aroma tickling their nose. It would not be a surprise that one of these days we see a gallery exposition with a food theme. In fact, this would be a total win. People would not be able to take their eyes off the staged frames filled with colourful and magnetic meals.

The only thing that is certain is that foodporn is here to stay. Now excuse us while we are posting our freshly made sushi rolls on Instagram – #delicious.

Cristina Nika is an aspiring blogger who likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular author at High Style Life, constantly in search of love and finding it in different places every time. Never miss an opportunity to treat her with some coffee. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Stephanie Jade


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