L’Occitane Shea Butter

Don’t you just love products that are versatile? I like that this L’Occitane 100 Percent Shea Butter isn’t just for one thing.
IMG_4401It comes in a tiny tin, which is perfect for traveling!
IMG_4402This formula is a balm, not a lotion. It’s got the texture of Chapstick, but doesn’t have the stickiness of Vaseline, which is good! So it’ll dry after you rub it into your skin a bit. Yay! No crazy mess πŸ˜‰

I’ve used it on chapped lips, dry elbows and even flaky skin on my face. It’s great for i you have dry skin, and perfect in the winter.

I’m really glad I got this and it’ll probably last me a while. I don’t know that I’d buy it again. I do like to try new things, so I’ll probably do that. I like L’Occitane products, though. You?


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