NextBeau Moisture/Collagen Sheet Mask

I was excited to try this NextBeau moisture/collagen sheet mask I got form my co-worker.
IMG_3855No, you do not look like a piggy when you wear it xD
IMG_3857IMG_3856This mask was super soaked when I grabbed it out from the packaging. I see that as a good thing because it means the sheet is filled with all that collagen goodness to moisturize your face.

I kept the mask on for about 10 minutes. I always leave sheet masks on for a shorter amount of time compared to non-sheet masks because my skin doesn’t really react that well when I’ve left sheet masks on it for a long period of time and didn’t wash off the product after.

The mask felt cool on my skin, and it was definitely moisturizing enough. After I peeled it off my face and tossed it, I rubbed the excess juices around my face before washing it all off. I think people normally rub the product in and let their face dry, but I’ve had a bad experience doing that (my face broke out in a rash/hives) so I don’t do it anymore.

This mask wasn’t life changing, but I’d like to try more!


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