beautyblender pure

The first beautyblender (bb) I got was the original pink one. I realized I never reviewed it here! I currently have the beautyblender pure (white) so let me review that one and also make some notes on the pink one for ya’ll. 🙂
IMG_3923I bought this white bb because I heard it’d be better on your skin sans pink dye from the original bb. Also, whenever I washed my pink bb, the water would turn light pink and over time, I could tell that the bb was fading lighter and lighter pink. So that was my intention when I bought this white bb. What I forgot was that white gets dirty, no matter what it is that’s white.


Now obviously there’s normally just makeup on bb’s, so why would it even matter if it got dirty or not? Well, let me just tell you a few anecdotes about this white bb.
-Packed it in a bag with body soap that exploded so it was just soaked in soap forever and took ages to rinse clean
-Also in that bag was an eyelash curler that had eyeliner/mascara on it, which got onto the not-so-white-anymore bb 😦
-^^That obviously washed out, but nonetheless…There’s a mysterious stain on it which I believe is pizza grease that is not coming off. Sigh.

Of course I did all those things, but it was super annoying. Then I thought: What if all that happened to the pink bb and I would notice less because it was pink and not white? Gasp. Let’s not think about that. Ick, sometimes I don’t realize that we could be putting crap on our faces! Bleh. Anyway…

Both bb’s seem to be identical in application on my skin. I LOVE using a bb to dab on primer/foundation/concealer/powder/blush. Apparently it’s great for applying skincare products, too. I should try that. Maybe I’d use less moisturizer that way, but be applying it in a way where the product would sink into my skin deeper.

After I bought the white bb, I saw there was a nude bb. ADVERTISING, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I think I know which bb I’ll be purchasing next…;) Haha

All in all, use a bb because they’re great! (For dabbing, not rubbing/swiping/wiping!) AND use it DAMP! I always wet it with water or micellar water before  I use it. I read about it everywhere and always used it dry for like a year. OMG what a difference a wet beauty blender makes! And dabbing, too! I really love my bb’s haha

As for the color, I like the idea of a white one because it doesn’t have that pink dye on it. But I see so much more on it now that it’s just white and everything’s visible. Maybe that’s a better way for me to keep it clean and clean it more often. I  mean there’s a black one and a nude one and a red one, and mini green ones (which I have and will review soon.) I honestly am not sure about the differences in colors between all these bb’s. But I’ll try ’em all! 😉

Anyways, I’m all for bb’s! Are you?


4 thoughts on “beautyblender pure

  1. Hello. Great review. I am curious though, does the BB Pure come in natural off white color or it’s really pure white as advertised?

    • Hi, thanks! The BB in the photos is the one I purchased and the color is as pictured. It’s not as white as a blank sheet of paper, but it’s a little lighter than makeup sponges you’d find in a drugstore. After using it for a while, it did get “stained” with my foundation/concealer shade. The makeup washed off, of course, however I was really unhappy with how dirty it looked in the end. Perhaps I should’ve just used it more with skincare products, since the BB pure is best for that. But I don’t think I need a BB for skincare application…I guess that’s another story. I hope this helped! 🙂

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