GUEST POST: 9 Items to balance my crazy life and help me feel good about myself

OK hot mamas, if you don’t already follow Preppy California, you really should. My longtime friend Karissa runs it, and I’ve asked her to write this helpful guest post for my readers. Enjoy!

GUEST POST: 9 Items to balance my crazy life and help me feel good about myself
By: Karissa Hoshiwara of Preppy California

When Stephanie asked me to write a guest post, she gave me 3 parameters to stay within: beauty, lifestyle, or fashion.  

Well, as a foster mom and someone who works in special education, I really had to think about what I wanted to share with you since:

1. My beauty routine is consisted of hoping I can take a shower uninterrupted and remembering to put deodorant on
2. My lifestyle is now focused around a one-year-old boy, and shopping now consists of almond milk and apple juice instead of the cutest shoes out there
3. My fashion style has gone from “California Preppy” to a mix of clothes where I don’t mind having them risk being ripped while at work or having baby drool on them during the evening

So what I’ve decided to share with you is a mix of my 9 favorite items that help me balance my crazy life and help me feel good about myself!

1. An Emily Ley Simplified planner Simplified-Planner-Happy-Stripe_adb6b012-a5ab-4799-ad54-498d85b75681_1024x1024I currently have the 2016 Happy Stripe Simplified Planner and am so excited to order the Fancy Floral Simplified Planner in the fall!

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag marc-by-marc-jacobs-hillier-hobo-new-q-bagI love how big this bag is! It fits everything I could need, but it doesn’t look too big. They don’t make the bag I have anymore, but this one here is similar.

3. Aveeno Positively Radiant daily moisturizer 300This moisturizer seriously makes your face feel SO soft and it has SPF in it, which is a serious must while living in Southern California.  

4. Converse Chuck Taylor ‘Shorline’ sneaker 1530519These are my absolute favorite sneakers to wear! They go with everything and they’re super comfortable.

5. Tory Burch Miller sandals TB_50008647_251_CThese sandals are comfortable and can make an outfit pass as both casual and dressy all at the same time.  

6. Lucky Brand Crops 7W12745_400_1These pants are so comfortable! I could wear them all day long, but I do have to admit, I wear crops as jeans because my legs are so sort. Somewhat embarrassing, but I look at it as saving a little money.

7. Marc Jacobs 56mm Butterfly sunglasses _12652174This is the newer version of the sunglasses I have, and they’re absolutely wonderful!

8. North Face Women’s Glacier ¼ Zipimg-thingI love all the North Face jackets, but this fleece pullover is by far the most comfortable I own.  

9. Ju Ju Be BFF diaper bag 13FM02L_TDU_NO_SIZE_1_63742_11050__20488.1426223112.1280.1280__73835__92760.1430477609.1280.1280If you’re looking for a diaper bag (if you’re not, pin it for the future), this is the bag to have. I love that it can be a tote bag or a backpack. It holds everything and even has a place for your wallet, phone, keys and anything else that you need to carry around while you’re at it.  

Karissa currently lives in Pasadena, California.  She works in special education, is the coordinator of the special education program at her church  and is also a foster mom to a one-year-old boy! She enjoys spending quality time with friends and family, traveling, planning parties and eating at new restaurants.

Connect with Karissa on:
InstagramTwitter, Facebook and Snapchat @khoshiwara 


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