Trust Fund Beauty nail polish

When I don’t know what color to paint my nails, I go for gold.
IMG_3413This Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is in the shade, “Champagne Problems.”
IMG_3412I’m normally not too big on metallic nail polishes, but gold is the exception. I just love how a great, shiny gold can look on nails.

The one thing I would’ve liked more was if this was either more glittery or a darker shade of gold.

Although I do like how smooth this nail polish’s application was on my nails. The staying power wasn’t anything monumental or ridiculous; just in-the-norm.

I want to try more Trust Fund Beauty polishes, but the bottles are so huge that I wouldn’t ever be able to finish a full nail polish bottle by myself. Maybe if there were minis, that’d be more suited to my nail polish painting habits.

What do you think of gold polish? Are you a Trust Fund Beauty fan?


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