GUEST POST: How to be a stylish and inspiring yoga junkie

Happy Sunday, loves! This guest post is by Sophia Smith, an Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Enjoy!

How to be a stylish and inspiring yoga junkie
By: Sophia Smith

Yoga is an ideal exercise for ladies looking to build lean muscles, relax, de-stress and attain the mind-body equilibrium. But while you’re busting asanas and flows on the mat in pursuit of your private Zen temple, you might as well look like a million bucks. Your clothing choice won’t just boost your looks in the class, it’ll make you feel amazing in your own skin even when you’re sweaty. Yoga apparel can also help express your personal style and inspire others around you to put in a tad more effort in their yoga routines and outfit selection.

Here are a few cool ideas on how to spice up your workout wardrobe and wow other yoga junkies every time you show up to the studio.

Yoga pants that speak your stylistic language
Tight-fitting stirrup pants are a go-to for most yoga-loving ladies, and the range of materials and designs is generous enough to meet every yogi’s needs and preferences. Classic yoga pants are still the golden standard in most studios, but girls looking for more than just supple fabric in their workout clothing can opt for a modern yoga pant with designs such as stripes, polka dots or animal prints.

For bonus fashion points, you can try capri pants or leggings with slits, cut-outs and lace trims. Your personality is unique and your yoga bottoms should be such, too.

Harem pants for a casual look
Harem pants are popular among yoga girls who prefer casual to mainstream clothing. With their laid-back sensual design, harem, bell and gypsy pants are an ideal yoga choice for ladies who want to give a voice to their unconventional fashion preferences. Drop-crotch yoga pants are fit for eccentric princesses of the studio who loathe the confinements of tight-fitting bottoms.

On top of the comfy fit for sweaty yoga sessions, drop-crotch capris, flare bottoms and gypsy yoga pants fit the street style formula like a glove, so you can take them out for a walk around the block or for an everyday jogging spree in the park.

Bandanas and headbands that awe
Bandanas and headbands are a yoga lover’s best friend when it comes to in-class hairdos and fashion statements in and out of the studio. Yoga headbands come in a range of hues, materials and prints, so you can match them easily to the rest of your apparel. Pastels and florals are currently on trend, so you can’t go wrong if you opt for a muted green, baby blue, soft pink or beige bandana.

Of course, if you don’t want to take any risks with your choice of yoga fashion accessories, you can always settle with the classic white or black band.

The wonders that lurk inside a yoga girl’s bag
A yogi’s fashion statement doesn’t stop at the skin level: The choice of yoga bag and its contents are another form of a lady’s stylistic expression. Yoga totes, mat bags and backpacks are a blank canvas for your stylistic statement. You can fill them up with essential oils, water bottles, colorful bobby pins, elastics and sweatbands.

You can also experiment with innovative mat designs and choose prints, materials and colors that are most conducive to your peak yoga performance and superior aesthetic appeal in the studio.

Money spent on premium-quality yoga workout apparel isn’t just a matter of a lady’s fashion preferences, it’s an investment in your private nirvana and sculpted body that will impress others and express your love for yoga and style. Namaste!

Sophia Smith is an Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, researcher and graphic designer. She has a great passion for yoga and living well. Sophia loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people. She is regular contributor at High Style Life and Ripped. Find her on: Twitter Google +


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