GUEST POST: Small Luxuries Everyone Can Afford

Hi, loves. Back at it again with another guest post!

Small Luxuries Everyone Can Afford
By: Arron Hiddleston

No matter how hectic your daily life is, there is still space to embark on a journey of indulgence. Money is not important when it comes to pleasing yourself. Cheap thrills are often the best solution when it comes to lifting your spirits. Whether it is your terribly un-pedicured toes, or bitten nails, there is a quick fix which can make all the stress vanish in a matter of minutes. Check out my bucket list of options for pampering yourself in the times of need, and be sure to incorporate them into your routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get rid of stress.

Go for a movie marathon
It’s been a hard day. The night is finally here and you feel completely worn out. But, do not despair! Call some best friends and have a fun movie marathon. Tell them to bring ice cream or pizza, whatever fits you better. Then plan which movies to see. If you feel like contemplating life, go for top Ingmar Bergman’s movies, which are a thrill for both the mind and soul. Feel like watching something less demanding? Pick a TV show like New Girl, which will make you smile.

Chocolate will boost your mood
You have already noticed how, whenever you feel down, you reach for the little thing which makes all your troubles and bad mood go away. Yes, chocolate is the key to everything. Treat yourself with some chocolate gifts and enjoy every piece you eat. Eating chocolate can help you reduce stress hormones because chocolate is rich in antioxidants. There’s no need to feel bad about eating chocolate, as you will hardly gain a couple of unwanted pounds by eating it from time to time.

Take a nap
Taking a nap in the afternoon can help you feel rejuvenated and more energized. However, it is hard to incorporate that concept with our 9-5 working hours. Still, there is room for going for a little bit of self-pampering. Nap for about 20 minutes, because dozing off for longer than that may cause you to feel a bit grumpy. The next time you work from home, schedule in some time to take an afternoon nap.

Eat dessert first
Breaking rules can make you feel more satisfied. Stop eating your food in the same old mundane way. Go for the dessert first because, all in all, that is what you came for. At least it will make you smile.

Money doesn’t buy everything, but there are simple things that don’t cost a lot, however can make your mood skyrocket. Indulge in small luxuries, and pamper yourself the way you deserve.

Arron Hiddleston is a self-employed life coach from Sydney and fashion newcomer who loves upcycled pieces and enjoys browsing the web in search of fresh ideas.
Loves: all things spicy, barbecue, winter vacations.
Doesn’t like: bad manners and narcissism.
Find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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