Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

This Younique review was only made possible thanks to Miss Casey Isabell. 🙂

I met Casey at an event in Syracuse. I had always been curious about Younique products, and really wanted to try them out. Thanks to Casey, I got my chance!IMG_5045

The Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ set from Casey comes with a tube of transplanting gel, a tube of 3D fibers, a cute fabric bag to store them in and some helpful instructions/tips.


My eyelashes are short and sparse. Mascara is a wonderful makeup product that I rely on whenever I put my face on in the morning.


I had never tried any fiber lashes before so I was curious as to how they work and if that would make my peepers appear bigger or not.


This transplanting gel is a fancy way to say mascara, basically. Apply it on your lashes like you’d apply mascara normally. And be quick! You want to coat your lashes with this and then move on to the fibers ASAP before this dries on you.


The 3D fibers tube was so intriguing! It was like putting fuzzy lint on my eyelashes. (Be careful not to get any on your eye balls)! Easy to use, but it took me several tries to get used to the formula. And don’t forget to set your fibers in with more of the transplanting gel. Really, practice makes perfect.


I normally go for a natural look. I also don’t like giant lashes because I wear glasses, so they basically have to be tame enough to not touch my lenses. In the photo below, my left eye has one coat of transplant gel, one coat of fibers and one more coat of transplant gel over it. My right eye has no mascara.


Tip: I first had both tubes in one hand as I applied the formulas to my lashes. This is great for a quick application. However, I did at one point stick one wand into the wrong tube. Oops! Not the end of the world, but it did slow down my application process, so be aware of which wand belongs to which tube. 😉

Here’s the final product on both eyes:


I liked the result. I did prep my lashes with an eyelash curler before I used the Younique products. I felt like it may have helped me to have used an eyelash primer beforehand. Or to take Casey’s tip of blowdrying my lashes afterward in an upward direction for more of a curl.

I could’ve also built up my lashes to look more bold if I had just applied more layers of the products, but I wanted to see what one application looked like.

If you’re in a rush when you put on your makeup in the mornings, this may not be the go-to product for you. You definitely want to take your time with Younique. I rushed once with the fibers and got some on my eyeball >.< I’m totally OK, but it was just irritating and slowed down my morning as I was trying to get out of the house.

I also wish this was waterproof. However, I can see why it’s not. Anyway, you can always add a coat of waterproof mascara on top of your final layer once you’re satisfied with the look. That’s probably easiest anyways! Just be sure your lashes don’t look too spidery or clumpy with it on, though.

If you want to see Casey’s pro application, watch her video here:

Give her a “like” on Facebook  and find her Younique products here.

Thanks for introducing me to Younique, Casey! ❤


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