tartelette 2 in bloom clay palette

I haven’t been on an eye shadow kick for years! But I finally caved and got this gorgeous tarte tartelette 2 in bloom clay eye shadow palette.


Just by estimating, I’d say it’s been around four years or so that I’ve just not worn eye shadows. Why? I just felt like focusing on mascara and eyeliner and no shadows. Simple. I also got tired of the smokey eyes I did for a few years straight. It was my thing for so long, but then I just wanted to move on to a different style of makeup because I got bored of shadows.

So why did I choose this palette after years of not wearing eye shadow? I got rid of all the eye shadows I had and I wanted a neutral palette that had both mattes and shimmers. This palette had a handful of shades I’d normally go for, warm neutrals.


Swatch time!

charmer, flower child, funny girl:
IMG_6422I use charmer all the time for the brow bone arch. It’s perf! flower child is a good transition color, and funny girl is one that I LOVE for both the inner corners of my eyes and the center of my lids. *Some people have said that their funny girl pans haven’t been pigmented enough, but I didn’t have that issue at all. My funny girl is actually the most pigmented shimmer in this palette, I think.

jetsetter, smarty pants, sweetheart:
IMG_6423I love using these three matte shades for my full lids.

rocker, firecracker, rebel:
IMG_6424rocker is the one I have the most trouble with in terms of pigmentation. I get almost none from it! Or maybe it’s just more shimmer that I’m looking for. It’s really not as shimmery as either funny girl or firecracker. So I try so hard to use rocker when I can, but it’s really not good in terms of color payoff, which sucks. Firecracker is awesome in the center of the lid! Shiny for sure. Rebel is awesome for the outer-V and on the lid.

smokeshow, activist, leader:
IMG_6425These three shadows are the ones I use the least. If I do use them, it’ll be for either eyeliner or my outer-V. They’re really similar, which is what’s kinda meh about them. I like them, though! But I definitely don’t use them as much as the other shades.

I’d say in this palette, my go-to shades are: charmer, flower child, funny girl, jetsetter, smarty pants and firecracker.

Here are a couple everyday looks I created with the palette:

IMG_6394I used: charmer, flower child, smarty pants and funny girl for a super light, daytime glisten.

IMG_6704I used: charmer, jetsetter, rocker and smokeshow for a grayish-brown, soft smokey look.

I’ve come up with a few other looks with this palette, but these two are just my most documented ones πŸ˜‰

I’d recommend this palette if you’e just starting out with eye shadows, getting back into the groove of them and/or are looking for a palette with both mattes and shimmers.


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