GUEST POST: How to design a backyard haven

Here’s another guest post for you lifestyle/DIY lovers!

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How to design a backyard haven
By: Diana Smithimage-6How convenient would it be to have a pause button to stop everything and simply relax? This and a device to teleport you to an unearthly destination would be great. What if you had a chance to make your dreams become a reality? Well, you can’t stop time or teleport, but technology has given you something more valuable – skills and imagination. If you put some effort into it, you can easily create a perfect getaway right in your backyard. Here’s exactly how:

Shed Some Light
When trying to achieve a certain kind of ambience or decorative style, the best solution is to rely on the power of illumination. Lighting features have an ability to create a warm and welcoming ambience, but also draw attention to certain areas and emphasize specific features in your yard. The goal is to create a subtle blend of different lighting solutions, which will illuminate the area in just the perfect amount. Lighting up the pathways, adding candles, lanterns and similar lighting will greatly contribute to the soothing atmosphere, while it’s best to avoid neon lights or anything too bright in general.

Add Water
Is there anything more calming than the sound of flowing rivers, crashing waves and splashing waterfalls? These sounds help us relax and that’s exactly why it’s a good idea to implement water features in your backyard. A fountain will serve as an artistic and decorative piece. You can add a touch of nature by creating a small pond or even a miniature stream, which will flow through your personal paradise. If you have the space, install a swimming pool, as every true haven deserves a private water oasis.

Landscape and Garden
Instead of thinking about all the decorative pieces you could add to your yard, make use of Mother Nature with natural elements to complement the setting. Regular maintenance and landscaping are necessary if you wish to make a sustainable haven. Fresh grass and beautiful blooms will help you create a tropical paradise. Trees, shrubs and green walls can also provide an intimate setting and give you a shady retreat during scorching summer days.

Make It Cozy
Comfort is one of the deciding factors while creating a personal paradise. The best way to achieve a cozy atmosphere is to try and please all of your senses. Your sense of touch will thank you for silk linen draperies, furniture made from raw wood and the sensation of walking barefoot on natural stone made from exquisite Geostone elements. Sounds of relaxing music can greatly increase the soothing ambience in the backyard, while the scent of grass and flowers could please even the most restless souls. The goal is to design an oasis of tranquility so you’d never think about leaving.

image-2Gone are the days of fantasizing about your dream vacation and tropical getaways; now you can rest easily knowing that your dream paradise awaits you right there in your backyard. Creating a majestic oasis where you can escape doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; all you need is a will to make your dreams become a reality.


Diana Smith a full time mom of two beautiful girls simply in love with interior design and DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. Follow her on Twitter or Google+.




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