Sephora foot mask

I bought two Sephora foot masks that I keep re-purchasing because I fell in love with them!
IMG_6290 IMG_6499







I’m not sure if I like one more than the other. I like both scents and they basically feel the same on my feet.

They look like plastic socks:


You put them on as if they were socks.


You seal them with the little sticker tab at the opening.




Sit back, relax and let the foot mask do all the work for you. You can even walk around like this. Just be careful not to slip. The material isn’t slippery on the floor, but the product inside that gets all over your feet may cause you to slip if you’re not careful.


I love these foot masks because they make my skin feel so soft after!


I use them when I don’t have time to go get a pedicure but need a little pick-me-up. I used them all summer for my gross city feet.

I’d definitely recommend them and I already re-purchased both more than once. I’d like to try other foot mask brands, too.


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