Jersey Shore Spa Anti-Aging Lip and Hand Polish

I constantly find myself using lip scrubs so I was excited to find this Jersey Shore Spa Anti-Aging Lip and Hand Polish in one of my ipsy Glam Bags.Β IMG_4738

I thought this was interesting packaging for a lip scrub. I found it a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube at times. When I used it all up, I felt like there was still scrub stuck inside of the tube that I couldn’t get out just by squeezing it as expected.


The formula was also a little ehh with this packaging. Sometimes I’d get a lot of the scrub juices and no scrubby grains, and other times I’d get only scrubby grains and not enough of the juices, making the product difficult and almost impossible to use for a second.


It left my skin feeling soft and supple, and the vanilla bean scent was really nice.

Overall, I wouldn’t purchase this product again, but if someone gave one to me, I’d use it.

What are some of your favorite scrubs?


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