MAC Cosmetics blush – This Could Be Fun

I was super excited when I saw this MAC Cosmetics blush in This Could Be Fun at the MAC Cosmetics sample sale in NYC over the summer.


It’s a satin powder blush.


It’s super pigmented!


Seriously, a little goes a long way with this beauty. It’s a purpley pink shade that lasts long and stands out on your cheeks. Get a glow that stands out!

I’d recommend this to people of all skin tones. For me, I can only use a small amount since I’m so pale. But if you have darker skin, I have a feeling it’ll look way lovelier.

If you have this shade, what do you think? Do you love it? I really like it because I don’t have anything else like it. Most of the blushes I use are light pinks, hot pinks or peaches. So this was a nice change since it was so purple. I look forward to trying more blushes with purple in them!


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