Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Cleansing Cream

So I have this bad habit of not really reading labels. I’ll see something and think it’s exactly what I want, buy it, then go home to realize that it’s not exactly what I was hoping for. That’s how I felt when I grabbed this Nature Republic Fresh Vegetable Cleansing Cream.


I thought it was a moisturizer. I was wrong. It’s a cleanser. In a jar that looks like a moisturizer.


I was confused by both the packaging and the name. I noticed CREAM over CLEANSING and saw the jar and thought  moisturizer, not cleanser. My bad! But this was the intriguing product.

Nature Republic was having a sale so I got this for $3. What a steal! & The sales girl told me that this had 10 vegetables in it. 10?! That’s more I’d put on my face in one cleansing than I’d eat in a day.

So I bought it. & Guess what? I really like it! It’s a thick cleanser. I guess that’s why it’s called a cleansing CREAM. 😛

A little goes a long way. It leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed. I’m not a big fan of the packaging because I’d rather my cleansers be in a pump bottle or a squeeze bottle for easier storage and access. However, the product itself is good.

I’d recommend it for those who have dry skin. It can at times seem too thick for me, so I don’t use it daily.

I haven’t tried many Nature Republic items, but I’m wanting to now! Any recommendations?


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