Boscia Green Tea Oil-Control Mask

I tried Β a sample of the Boscia green tea oil-control mask and thought it was really intriguing.

The formula was so thick! I didn’t expect that from a peel-off mask.

It was super tingly on my face and I’m not sure if it was supposed to tingle, or if that’s just how it reacted on my skin. Sometimes products will tingle the first time I use it because my skin isn’t used to it yet.

Since it tingled, I was worried when I had this mask on my face that my skin would react poorly to it. thankfully, it did not!

I was floored at how this peel-off mask peeled off in one clean piece! Usually, peel-off masks come off in several pieces.

My face felt cool and smooth in the end, which I loved! I’d like to have tried this mask a few more times just to see if it really helps with oil absorption. However, I’d definitely try it again in the future.


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